The Healthcare Innovation Congress | May 2025

thINc360 – The Healthcare Innovation Congress
May 29-31, 2024 | Washington, DC

Agenda Overview


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Benefit Design Strategies

For Employers

  • Transform workforce health and well-being with a whole-person care approach to health benefits
  • Rethink your benefits strategy to deliver inclusive, cost-effective, and outcomes-driven healthcare
  • Navigate coverage for high-cost claims including chronic conditions, behavioral health, pharmacy, and GLP-1s
  • Leverage partnerships with high-quality, low-cost providers to deliver timely care to employees
  • Move away from traditional models of care and implement novel benefit plans to mitigate waste, strengthen transparency, and effectively meet employees’ needs
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Care Delivery Transformation

For Providers & Payers

  • Explore the new era of care delivery to significantly improve health outcomes and ease access to care
  • Address the complexities and barriers to accelerate value-based care delivery
  • Discuss advancements in virtual care and telemedicine
  • Dig into medical and social needs data to personalize care and meet the healthcare needs of diverse populations
  • Gain strategies to combat clinician burnout and manage the workforce shortage issue
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Digital Health and AI

For Payers, Providers, & Life Sciences Executives

  • Examine the role of digital technology to drive engagement and personalize an individual’s healthcare journey without forgoing the human touch
  • Uncover how generative and conversational AI can revolutionize care delivery
  • Evaluate the promise and potential of digital therapeutics to effectively treat behavioral health conditions
  • Address patient concerns on digital health adoption, data security, and privacy
  • Unlock innovations and investments in digital health to heighten focus on women’s health issues
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Health Equity

For Payers, Providers, & Government Executives

  • Focus on cross-sector collaboration to mitigate health disparities
  • Take action on prioritizing diversity, inclusivity, and equity in healthcare access and delivery
  • Discuss an employer’s role in addressing and advancing health equity
  • Hear updates on policy to combat racial inequities in healthcare
  • Learn how technology can mitigates accessibility issues in care deserts
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Benefits Adviser Leadership

For Brokers & Benefits Consultants

  • Hear perspectives on the evolution of conversations between benefits advisers and the CFO/CHRO
  • Discuss cost-effective approaches to meet employers’ and employees’ needs without compromising on quality
  • Delve into key partnerships that empower purchasers to break away from the status quo
  • Gain insights on effectively meeting ERISA guidelines and co-fiduciary responsibilities
  • Implement a robust reference-based pricing strategy to maximize value for employers
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Food as Medicine

For Health Plans, Hospital Systems, Employers, & Government Executives

  • Examine the concept of food as medicine and hear how health plans, hospital systems, and purchasers can collaborate to ensure timely access to nutritious food
  • Integrate food as medicine initiatives into the plan design to positively impact an individual’s health and well-being while slowing disease progressions
  • Evaluate which outcomes should be measured to understand the impact and efficacy of food as medicine interventions
  • Determine the ROI and/or VOI from offering food as medicine programs
  • Navigate reimbursement for food as medicine programs

2024 Program

  • The agenda comprises of daily keynote sessions that convey thought-provoking, cross-discipline perspectives on present and emerging issues related to health equity, cost efficiency, post-pandemic leadership, workforce staffing, succession planning, and DE&I, policy and regulations, and the future of care

  • Themed educational sessions will delve deeper into strategies and innovations related to the healthcare supply chain, social determinants of health, population health, data analytics and technology, AI, value-based care, telehealth and virtual care, policy, health plan innovations and engagement, behavioral and mental health, and more

  • Special market insight sessions and a showcase of industry-leading solution providers, startups, and emerging technologies accelerate draw attention to an organization’s present and future initiatives

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