Value-Based Care Summit
December 5-6, 2023 | Washington, DC


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Turbine Kreuzberg
We create software that advances business and society. By creating digital platforms, we speed up commerce and facilitate the emergence of new service models. With specialized enterprise applications, we give businesses control over the direction of their technological development. We deliver effective tech strategies, and are proud of our reputation: we get it done right.

Supporting and Collaborative Sponsors

SecureCare is a leading network management company creating positive solutions for both conservative care providers and health plans. Our unique solutions include data analytics, a proprietary clinical review process, credentialing, and contract management.
Shields Health Solutions
Company Description: Shields Health Solutions is the premier specialty pharmacy accelerator in the country. Our programs and data platforms reduce costs, achieve better clinical outcomes and accelerate system-wide growth.
At PulseData, we provide in-depth insights into individuals' health conditions, offering valuable information that often goes unnoticed or undiagnosed. By partnering with us, healthcare professionals gain access to a clear and ongoing diagnosis of their patients, enabling them to proactively chart paths for improving lives and achieving positive outcomes. Our data and insights are delivered promptly, engineered to avert tragic, avoidable, and costly events on a large scale.


Florence, powered by Generated Health
Generated Health is revolutionizing patient care with A.I.-driven Automated Clinical Conversations, delivered via Text, enhancing engagement, optimizing outcomes, and maximizing clinical efficiency. Our mission is to provide a solution that guarantees inclusive, accessible healthcare for all.
At OxiWear, we believe that living with hypoxia should not mean putting your life on hold. We are committed to reducing patient vulnerability to hypoxic injury through wearable, continuous oxygen monitoring, increasing safety and peace of mind for those prone to silent hypoxia, helping to reduce healthcare costs, and saving lives. OxiWear is an ear-wearable, vital monitoring, and emergency alert accessory. Sleek, small, and modern, this device will allow you to obtain the medical assistance you need in an emergency.