Affordable, Impactful, Inclusive Benefits to Meet the Needs of a Diverse Workforce

  • Assess the impact of offering benefits that promote equity and inclusivity on overall health and well-being of an individual including their mental and physical health
  • Discuss an employer’s role in accelerating efforts to address SDoH and reduce barriers to healthcare access
  • Explore the financial and non-financial returns from investing in benefits such as fertility, reproductive, and caregiver benefits

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Adopt a Whole-Person Care Approach to Effectively Manage Chronic Conditions

  • Gain strategies to support individuals with chronic conditions every step of the way
  • Discuss the role of digital tools and applications to proactively communicate with and engage individuals
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy by providing access to resources, health coaches, medication, and mental/behavioral health support
  • Understand the importance of leveraging medical and SDoH data to determine unique needs, tailor care, and sustain healthy behavior change

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