thINc Talk: Rebranding Quality

Layers of standards and measures, mostly rooted in compliance, have mounted for decades -- all in the name of advancing quality and safety. The result is an overburdened workforce that is tired of checking boxes and jumping through hoops and whose been left to believe that quality ‘didn’t work’ or is a ‘waste of time’. Today’s opportunity is to shift from a compliance mindset to an excellence mindset where our workforce is inspired to do their best work, not just get through the motions. Join NAHQ’s CEO, Stephanie Mercado, as she explores a future led by transformational leadership strategies where we reset the definition of healthcare quality and align teams to achieve healthcare excellence.

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Implementing Processes and Tools to Measure and Analyze SDOH and Health Equity Programs: The 2023 ACAP SDOH Benchmark Assessment

• Learn about the purpose, components and benefits of the ACAP SDOH Benchmark Assessment • Understand organizational alignment to develop, implement, and maintain SDOH programs including an overarching SDOH strategy to guide program priorities, business cases, funding and outcomes analyses. • Discuss screening methods, data collection and analytical tools to assess and measure social risk factors of health plan member populations and non-members • Identify community- based partners including criteria, financial and non-financial arrangements, referral management workflows, and current challenges • Share the current state of planning for climate change impacts on health plan members and geographic regions served

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Establishing Collaborative Partnerships to Heighten Focus on SDoH

  • Discuss collaborative approaches and partnerships that advance food security, housing stability, and medical transportation access
  • Deploy programs that address health inequities through market-driven, community informed solutions that support underserved populations
  • Explore data sharing mechanisms and tools utilized by providers and payers to integrate SDoH information into EHRs
  • Uncover opportunities to align efforts at the state, local, and community level for greater impact in promoting public health policies and measurable program effectiveness
  • Determine how a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Plan can advance care delivery efforts

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