Implementing Processes and Tools to Measure and Analyze SDOH and Health Equity ProgramsThe 2023 ACAP SDOH Benchmark Assessment

• Learn about the purpose, components and benefits of the ACAP SDOH Benchmark Assessment • Gain an understanding of organizational alignment to develop, implement, and maintain SDOH programs including an overarching SDOH strategy to guide program priorities, business cases, funding and outcomes analyses. • Discuss screening methods, data collection and analytical tools to assess and measure social risk factors of health plan member populations and non-members in communities served • Examine approaches to identifying community- based partners including criteria, financial and non-financial arrangements, referral management workflows, and current challenges • Share the current state of planning for climate change impacts on health plan members and geographic regions served

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Establishing Collaborative Partnerships to Heighten Focus on SDoH

  • Discuss collaborative approaches and partnerships that advance food security, housing stability, and medical transportation access
  • Deploy programs that address health inequities through market-driven, community informed solutions that support underserved populations
  • Explore data sharing mechanisms and tools utilized by providers and payers to integrate SDoH information into EHRs
  • Uncover opportunities to align efforts at the state, local, and community level for greater impact in promoting public health policies and measurable program effectiveness
  • Determine how a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Plan can advance care delivery efforts

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