Deep Dive Workshop: Employer Fiduciary Training – A Procurement Process for your Healthcare Plan

Several lawsuits have been filed over the past few months against carriers by parties demanding access to their health plan’s claims data, and on February 23, 2023 the Department of Labor (DOL) issues further guidance on the removal of “gag” clauses, meant to facilitate such access, including where and how to file attestations and instructing plans to report carrier noncompliance to its enforcement division. Navigating your Healthcare Plan under the new requirements and transparency has opened the door for huge cost savings for the plan and the participants but ignored, there are significant liabilities. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA) is the most significant compliance challenge employers have encountered since the 2009 enactment of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Yet not many are talking about it. This course offers a comprehensive educational program consisting of a certification program for CEO, CFOs, business owners, benefits specialists or other employer fiduciaries tasked with oversight of the plan. Classroom session is hands-on, peer to peer inter-active and forward thinking, using subject experts to facilitate the discussions. The curriculum is informative and relevant, covering essential areas pertaining to the healthcare plan and the new fiduciary duties and responsibilities plan sponsors now have. The storm is here, and employers, sick of paying more each year in exchange for less, are determined to get healthcare costs under control. The mission of this half day course is to establish a foundation for a prudent process that will reduce organizations liabilities by engaging in conversation of management and oversight of employer sponsored healthcare plan. The prudent employers will be at the table and the imprudent are on the menu as litigation and enforcement ramp up. In this Deep Dive Workshop, you will learn: 1. What employers are required to do under the CAA 2021. 2. How to run a Fiduciary Procurement Process on your healthcare plan 3. How to reduce your liabilities, implement cost containment and enhance benefits on your healthcare plan  

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