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About this Webinar

Digital therapeutics have become a critical part of healthcare today, as individuals continue to demand more accessible, convenient, and affordable care options. With the US digital therapeutics market valued at $1.8B in 2022 and expected to rise to $10.3B by 2030, more employers are looking to add digital therapeutics to their benefit design to proactively manage high-cost claims and provide preventative care.

Offering a digital musculoskeletal (MSK) solution empowers employees to participate in their own health and well-being, when and where it is most convenient for them, ultimately leading to higher engagement than traditional care options. Digital therapeutics also allow for a more personalized treatment plan that is adjusted based on real-time data and feedback, resulting in better outcomes. But how can technology successfully coincide with traditional in-person care and telehealth? Join Ken Barlotta, VP of Employer Sales, Simon Hayhurst, Chief Product Officer, and Jodie McGinlay PT, DPT to learn about the benefits of technology and AI in MSK care and how it can successfully complement physical therapist’s work while also improving the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and financial benefits for employers and their employees.


Ken Barlotta

VP of Employer Sales, Kaia Health

Jodie McGinlay

Physical Therapist, Kaia Health

Simon Hayhurst

Chief Product Officer, Kaia Health

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Kaia Health makes effective musculoskeletal pain therapy accessible to people anywhere and anytime. Kaia is an at-home digital musculoskeletal pain management program that helps people self-manage symptoms and reduce costs for musculoskeletal conditions, like back and joint pain. Kaia also offers a pulmonary rehabilitation-based solution effective for pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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