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About this Webinar

November 7 | 1-2:00 PM ET

In today’s fiercely competitive employment landscape, offering comprehensive and innovative employee benefits is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Health and wellness initiatives have taken center stage, and one area garnering significant attention is mental health support.  To improve health outcomes and control costs, it is crucial for employers to offer mental health benefits that go beyond symptom reduction, aiming for complete remission. These brain disorders now have treatments that are beyond “just talking” and “pills.”

In this webinar, gain insights into a transformative behavioral health program – BRAIN: Behavioral Response Augmented Intelligent Neuromodulation – that offers a rapid and outcomes-driven treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) recovery and beyond. Delve into the revolutionary world of BRAIN by Acacia Clinics, a pioneering treatment approach that sets a new benchmark for OCD and depression management.  Attendees will discuss strategies to put these novel treatments into the context of sophisticated plan design and compliance with MHPAEA, ERISA, and Fiduciary Duty on the part of plan sponsors.

Actionable takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Achieving Remission: Explore how BRAIN by Acacia Clinics delivers the best possible outcome – complete remission of OCD, rather than just a standard “50% reduction in symptoms.” Learn how this approach is reshaping the way we view mental health recovery.

  • Rapid Treatment: Discover the revolutionary treatment timeframe of just five days, offering a swift and effective solution for individuals suffering from depression, addiction, and OCD. Learn how this accelerated approach can significantly improve patient outcomes.

  • Medication-Free Therapy, and “We Don’t Have to Talk About It’:Understand the unique advantage of BRAIN therapy – it doesn’t rely on oral medications or talk therapy alone. Explore how neuromodulation techniques can provide relief without the side effects of traditional drug therapies and extensive–and sometimes exhausting– talk therapy.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Gain insights into the benefits of a comprehensive assessment process, ensuring each patient’s personalized and tailored treatment plan. Learn how this approach optimizes treatment effectiveness.

  • Durable Effects: Explore the long-lasting impact of BRAIN therapy, with an average duration of remission lasting 12 months. Discover how this durability contributes to the overall well-being and stability of patients.

  • Compliant for Fiduciaries: Learn How these treatments provide a bulwark against ERISA claims in a complex regulatory landscape.

Don’t miss this transformative session that sheds light on evidence-based approaches to treat and manage OCD, ADHD, and depression – a true game-changer in mental healthcare. Discover how this innovative approach can enhance your employee benefits program, supporting your workforce’s mental health and well-being while positioning your organization as a leader in employee care and support.


Owen Scott Muir, MD

SVP of Strategy, Acacia Mental Health

Al Lewis

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Quizzify

Sponsored By:

Acacia Mental Health is the leader in Accelerated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS) worldwide. They are dedicated to bringing cutting-edge neuroscience with compassionate care – a hope to those who have tried everything. They offer comprehensive psychiatry, therapy, and holistic Treatments. Their dedicated care coordinators help guide people through their integrated, customized treatment process. They are committed to helping you flourish: Mind, Body, and Soul. They are passionate about helping those with treatment-resistant depression. Learn more about HOPE-TMS (SM), and the research we do with SAINT(TM) TMS at Acacia.

Acacia provides rapid treatment of treatment resistant OCD with B.R.A.I.N. Protocol.

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