The Healthcare Innovation Congress | May 29-31, 2024 | Washington, DC

thINc360 – The Healthcare Innovation Congress
May 29-31, 2024 | Washington, DC

2023 Highlights


“It’s been a great honor to be asked back to be a part of thINc360. This is such an inspirational gathering, bringing together dynamic people from all across the industry with the express purpose of trying to make our world better and it’s really such a privilege to be a part of that.”

Nancy Gin, MD
Executive Vice President, Quality, and Chief Quality Officer
The Permanente Federation


“I am so excited to be here speaking about the important role artificial intelligence will play in optimizing the future of healthcare both for our physicians as well as our patients.

It’s really so important that across all sectors, we get together at conferences like this and it’s great to hear so many different perspectives on the role of technology how it can make the lives of our patients better and also to share Kaiser Permanente’s experience in this realm which is very, very important to all of us.”

Ainsley Maclean MD 
Chief Medical Information Officer   
Mid Atlantic Permanente Medical Group PC


“It’s so exciting to be in person with people and the conference has been so inspiring — a lot of forward-thinking, innovative ideas from different sectors of industry. It’s very empowering! I’ve learned a lot and I’m super excited to be here.”

Nwando Anyaoku
Vice President, Chief Health Equity Officer
Providence North Division


“I am so pleased that I attended and was invited to speak here at the conference, at thINc360. It’s very aptly named because the concept of bringing together various perspectives in the healthcare field has truly inspired me to go back to my hospital and our system to figure out what we can do to make things better — quality, payment systems, basic quality of care for our patients, and in my case, our employees who are our patients. So, I am thrilled to be here. If that is what you’re interested in — in changing healthcare for the future of this country — this is the conference you need to attend.”

Nila Carrington
Director, Benefits & Well Being
Regional One Health


“This conference has offered a great opportunity to meet different people from a diverse group of stakeholders. The issues discussed, both in the keynotes, as well as the breakout sessions, have really offered everybody an opportunity to attend meetings that are pertinent to whatever they do. Also, the actual physical location is very convenient, as far as the meeting rooms – getting to and from. And not to be missed is also the opportunity to network here – during the breakout sessions and in the evenings. Great discussions. Very pertinent to what I do and I’m sure others have found the same to be true.”

Kim Czubaruk
Senior Director, Strategy & Policy    


“What I love about this conference is that there’s been a lot of different, good ideas. It’s been pretty varied in its approach and I appreciate that because I feel like we can all learn from each other.”

Roy Long
Dir Performance Improvement         
University Medical Ctr


“This is the first time that we’re exhibiting at this conference, and I love it! We have to come back here every year. The quality of the sessions, the ability to interact with participants that are leaders in their fields, that are leaders in their organizations, that are decision-makers and stakeholders, is unparalleled and doesn’t compare with any other conference I’ve been to.”

Joel Evans, MD
Chief of Medical Affairs        
Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)


“thINc360 has been great so far. We’ve been having tons of productive conversations with great employers and health insurers. We’re really excited to help their populations with their gut health. We’re looking forward to learning more from all the talks later today.”

Lindsey Sacks
Head of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer            
Ayble Health


“I was at a conference last week and it was really big, lots of vendors, and I love this conference so far, as it’s smaller, a bit more intimate, and I feel like the buyers aren’t as inundated with vendors and we’re having some really good conversations.”

Alicia Kutil    
Director, Health Plan Sales    
Kaia Health


“The quality of solutions throughout the exhibit hall and the level of expertise in the breakout panels was absolutely superb and delivered tremendous value.”

Nelson Griswold
NextGen Benefits Network


“It’s my first time here at thINc360. My favorite part of the conference has been all of the networking opportunities and how seamlessly everything came together for us.”

Sara Schroeder           
B2B Marketing Manager       


“It’s been a pleasure being here at the thINc360 conference in DC. We’ve absolutely loved the networking opportunities and look forward to next year!”

Matt Allen      
Chief Operating Officer


“I want to thank the show producers for a great event. We had some real significant meetings with key executives at major health systems this week. Great event. We’re very happy to be here. Super conference sessions.”

Tom MacQuarrie       
Director, Business Development       
Healthcare Triangle


“We’ve had a great meeting here with so many innovators who are bringing new healthcare solutions and we’ve met a lot of potential opportunities for our business and also learned a lot at the very interesting sessions.”

David Adamson, MD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
ARC Fertility


“We were able to participate in a luncheon roundtable and I think one of the things that we loved best was the participants in the room, the energy, the ideas that they brought, the very lively discussion. We had a nice mix of our leadership, our clinical expertise, one of our partners was there, and then we had a mix of employers and consultants all working together and coming up with innovative and breakthrough ideas. It was great!”

Sarah Kohler  
Director, Marketing   


“This year’s conference has been better than ever! And I should know because I’ve come to a lot of them. What is so exciting this year is the amount of employers — large and small, all sizes, global and regional — coming together and really having open conversations about what affordable and inclusive benefits look like and then challenging all of us from all angles of the healthcare space to make those benefits more affordable and really drive value.”

Sally Pace
Chief Executive Officer
Connect Healthcare Collaboration


“My favorite thing about this conference has been interacting with so many different members of our community that are interested in innovation and validation.”

Ken Barlotta  
VP, Sales        
Kaia Health


“We’re at thINc360. It’s our first time being an exhibitor. We’re thrilled to be the leading voice for functional medicine having great conversations with the executives here at thINc360.”

Tabitha Barth  
Executive Writer & Project Manager
Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)


“I’m having a wonderful time here at the conference. It’s one of our key conferences we like to go to every year. It’s very intimate. Great people. It draws a lot of the  healthcare industry, the hospitals, and the docs. We’re always forward thinking and looking forward to how we can better utilize this healthcare system that we find ourselves  in. I’m very proud to be a part of the Validation Institute family.”

Justin Gavery 
VP Bus Dev   
US HealthCenter

Speaker Interviews

Geeta Nayyar

Mark Luck Olson

Pete Sessions

Dan Shields

Todd Walrath

Warner Roberts

Sanjay Motwani

David Adamson

Benny DiCecca

Kristin Begley

Dr. Desai

Gavin Quinnies

Brian Wheeler

Dr. Rani Aravamudhan

Erin Mistry

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