The Healthcare Innovation Congress | May 29-31, 2024 | Washington, DC

thINc360 – The Healthcare Innovation Congress
May 29-31, 2024 | Washington, DC

Fast Five with US HealthCenter

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What are the top priorities for your organization this year?

US HealthCenter Inc has many priorities in any given year and 2024 is no exception.  One of our focuses this year is engaging hospital systems and healthcare organizations. USHC calls this our “HealtheCommunity Model”. The goal of this model is to collaborate with local communities, including school districts, municipalities, and unions, to facilitate direct connections between wellness, preemptive, and preventive care services and local hospitals. Our goal is to identify diseases in their early stages and direct participants to their local hospital systems for secondary screening protocols. By engaging with patients earlier, the hospital systems can focus less on sick care, leading to reduced costs for employers, improved quality of life for participants, and increased patient population for local healthcare systems.

How are you navigating the AI boom in healthcare?

AI has been integral to US HealthCenter’s operations for over 20 years. As pioneers in AI for healthcare, our technology is tailored to predict pre-disease conditions and assess future claims risk for diverse populations. This aligns with our mission to improve people’s health and reduce health care cost by providing industry leading health management science, technology, and advocacy to prevent and manage disease.  The science behind our technology is where the AI algorithms reside. Our AI Pre Disease predictive model was validated by the Validation Institute. US HealthCenter remains at the forefront of innovation in this field.

What is your/your organization’s approach to engaging individuals in their health and sustaining healthy behaviors?

USHC is a proud recipient of the Gold Level Health Value Awards for Care Navigation from Validation Institute. Our Coaches are Registered Nurses trained in coaching lifestyle, predisease, disease, and case management. Our approach aims not only to encourage participants to maintain healthy behaviors but also to address and mitigate health risks that could lead to diseases, focusing on managing existing conditions or potential health challenges. We recognize that in certain cases, simply promoting a healthy lifestyle may not suffice, and clinical intervention may be necessary. Our model enables us to comprehensively address individuals’ health needs, and we have provided data to the Validation Institute demonstrating the positive impact of our approach on populations, particularly in preventing or detecting diseases early.

What does health and well-being mean to you?

USHC proudly holds the Gold Standard Health Value Award for Population Health Management from Validation Institute, which shapes our vision of well-being. At US HealthCenter, we prioritize holistic health, addressing various conditions from mental health to diabetes. Our approach involves engaging participants in all aspects of their health, whether managing existing conditions or preventing future diseases. We define well-being as the management and maintenance of healthy behaviors across mental, nervous, musculoskeletal, cancer, and metabolic health domains. By proactively managing the population, we aim to reduce the incidence of conditions, resulting in fewer major claims, lower healthcare costs for employers, and an enhanced quality of life for participants. At US HealthCenter, we strive for a win-win outcome that benefits both employers and employees across all populations.

What does healthcare disruption mean to you? 

There has been a lot of disruption in the health care industry and not all of it has been positive.  US HealthCenter has been on the front lines of the health care industry for 21 years now. One way we are making positive change and positive disruption to the healthcare industry is through how we manage insurance and pay for care.  Our health plan designs empower employers and employees by putting control over healthcare back into their hands. Recognizing that insurance entails risk-sharing, we are committed to finding ways to mitigate risks and manage losses effectively. We believe you need to bring serious disease prevention, health advancement, wellness, and wellbeing with innovative and transparent health plan designs to the market. Our health plan designs focus on better business strategies, healthier outcomes, and better quality of life. We created multiple points of savings while increasing access to healthcare and incorporated these strategies into our PredictiMedTM Self-funded HealthPlan. 

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