Brenda Webb Johnson, Ph.D

Brenda Webb Johnson, Ph.D

Designated Learning Officer (DLO)
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital

Brenda Webb Johnson, Ph.D. is currently serving as the Designated Learning Officer at the James A Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, FL where she strives to help employees bloom where they are planted until they outgrow their pots. Prior experience includes four years as the Education Coordinator for the National Center on Homelessness among Veterans where she was instrumental in assisting them with development a homeless population competency model and curriculum. Before joining The Center, she served for four years as a Training Specialist at the JAHVH focusing on employee and leadership development.

Before joining the Education Team in Tampa she worked as a clinical Social Worker om Atlanta and Tampa for almost twenty years including six years as a supervisor. Outside of VA, Brenda served as a community MH Education Forum Coordinator for 7 years planning events in various cities around the United States for Non-Profit Mental Health Advocacy and Civic groups, 6 years planning a Tampa Bay area MH awareness/anti-stigma event, and currently serves as the MH Ministry Leader in her church. In 2021, Brenda released her first Christian Fiction book entitled “Manic Love: An Unwanted Inheritance of Mental Illness”. This book also fits her passion for reducing mental health stigma but written as a love story. Brenda has an MSW from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. at the University of South Florida in the College of Education, focusing on Adult Education. Her dissertation title was “Understanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence: A Qualitative Study of Tampa Veterans Administration Hospital Employees.”

All Sessions by Brenda Webb Johnson, Ph.D

Thinc360 Workshop - Leadership in Times of Change May 22, 2022
1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Integrating Healthcare Priorities at the Frontline – Not Just Another “Thing”

Thinc Main Agenda Sunday May 22, 2022
10:00 am - 2:45 pm

Leadership in Times of Change: Leading the Mindset Transformation of Health and Healthcare

Health and healthcare face increasingly complex—and similar—challenges across the federal and civilian sectors, even before the Covid pandemic introduced additional challenges and changes. These challenges range from the high-level organizational efforts to improve financial solvency and creating high reliability organizations, to the inpatient and outpatient administrative and clinical teams’ focus on patient safety and quality outcome cultures, to the individual provider and patient needs for health, inclusion, retention, and resilience. Increasingly there is the understanding that traditional approaches to leadership are not effective in meeting these challenges: what leaders need to do is not new: how to lead and engage this transformation is the primary concern for most healthcare leaders and practitioners. Most leadership programs and trainings miss the one key element necessary to unlocking the key to effective leadership: why mindset matters and how to deliberately internalize mindset in organizational and individual change efforts.

This session will provide an overview of the new mindset model transforming healthcare leadership and employee, patient, and provider engagement. Participants, through both didactic and panel presentations, individual and small group exercises, and interactive video discussions, will receive an overview of this framework, and how this material and model are and can be most helpful to them in addressing their own individual and organizational challenges. Participants will learn from multiple leaders from across the VA organizational spectrum levels on how addressing mindset integrated the variety of priorities and Department imperatives required of them and unified them as a single organizational cultural change and transformation effort. Participants will understand why and how addressing mindset is the core element for unleashing inclusivity and broader engagement and commitment for successful leadership and change efforts. Panelists will share their own lessons learned, how specific priorities were addressed, and how success was measured throughout the transformation journey to achieving department benchmarks.


  • Understand how mindset is driving broader priorities being implemented in the Department of Veterans Affairs – the largest healthcare provider, payer, and employer in the world.
  • Describe the role and how senior leaders model and influence culture change by using mindset to create the psychological safety necessary to demonstrate leadership commitment.
  • Describe the new mindset model transforming leadership and employee and patient engagement
  • Understand how this foundational approach accelerates the psychological safety addressing the multiple priorities and results around high reliability, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and customer experience
  • Create a strategy to integrate this approach into one’s own individual and organizational challenges in health and healthcare.

Workshop Agenda

10:00am – 12:00pm      The Mindset Transformation of Health and Healthcare: Why Mindset Matters
Panelists: Jason Woo, Brady Reed

12:00pm – 12:45pm      Lunch Break

12:45pm – 1:45pm      VHA – Inside The Largest Payer, Provider and Employer of Healthcare
Panelists: Daniel L. Dücker, Cory P. Price

1:45pm – 2:45pm      Integrating Healthcare Priorities at the Frontline – Not Just Another “Thing”
Panelists: Brenda Webb Johnson, Akil Aabid, Jill Massengale