Chetan Bagga

Chetan Bagga

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chetan Bagga is the Founder and CEO at Archetype. Archetype aspires to invest in companies that put health and development at the center of work for over 50 million Americans. Digital health is one of Archetype’s three investment pillars in addition to employee benefits and employee development. Archetype’s investment team includes a significant project management and software development arm along with a distribution and strategic partnerships accelerator.

In 2021 Archetype built and incubated DigiBite, a market leading teledentistry platform, alongside national dental insurance thought leaders. DigiBite launched nationally in January 2022 with an initial ramp of 200,000 members and has been scaling since. Dominion National, a leading insurer of and administrator of dental benefits, was DigiBite’s launch customer and has shown initial results in their traction. Chetan is currently serving as Chairman of DigiBite.

A firm proponent of designing products with empathy, Archetype believes that businesses intent on improving life for customers and employees have the foundation for success when coupled with operational excellence. This is exemplified through DigiBite, whose mission is to provide access and convenience to providers, patients, and insurers with a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to in-office dental care.

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Thinc Main Agenda Tuesday AM May 24, 2022
10:35 am - 11:25 am

Market Insight: How Teledentistry Can Improve Access to Oral Healthcare and Drive Member Engagement and Satisfaction

Teledentistry, previously considered a trending niche innovation in dental care, has now become a critical delivery model for dental carriers, dentists, and patients. Mobile applications that enable teledentistry services can help amplify your patient outreach and engagement efforts to drive better health habits and patient loyalty.

Learn about solutions that increase access to dental care, reduce the fear factor, improve patient satisfaction and retention, and reduce costs for all participants.

  • Gain insight into the rise of teledentistry – how and why it’s become a popular care model
  • Examine opportunities to improve the work stream – Use teledentistry as an opportunity for members to engage with dentists, get second opinions, and maximize each in-person dental visit
  • Discover the value of preventive dental care and how offering dental can yield positive results for health plans
  • Understand the importance of influencing and inspiring members to seek preventive dental care through various communications platforms