Colleen Reilly

Colleen Reilly

Senior VP of Business Development
Immersive Worlds

I am a charismatic, passionate and experienced well-being professional with a strong educational and experiential background in creating sustainable cultures of well-being within the corporate sector and personal well-being realm. My experience showcases I have the ability to strategically think, create, design, develop and transform an organization that results in managed healthcare costs but more importantly creates a vivid vision and mission of caring that retains top talent, attracts more customers and consumers, and supports the well-being of surrounding communities. The wellness industry is shifting and transforming rapidly and I have the expertise based on the last 20 years of working with some of some of the top publicly traded Fortune 500 companies to contribute and help your organization become the leader within the well-being industry as well as all things that drive engagement and a thriving culture.

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Behavioral and Mental Health Track Wednesday May 25, 2022
10:05 am - 10:50 am

The High-Efficacy of Applied Virtual Reality Healthcare Applications for Improving Patient Mental Health

  • Learn which mental health concerns are being addressed with VR solutions
  • Understand how mental health innovation is being addressed at a state-wide level
  • Learn how a 100-year-old mental health therapy is being reimagined for both children and adults
Moderator: Robert Fine