Evian Gordon, MD, PhD

Evian Gordon, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer
Total Brain

Evian Gordon, PhD, MD, is the Executive Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Total Brain. He established an “Integrative Neuroscience” approach, grounded in the use of standardized methods across multiple types of brain data in a single platform, with over a million data sets. He founded the Brain Resource Company that created the first standardized international database on the human brain (over 300 publications). The database is the asset which shaped Total Brain for mental health, and is used in over 30 Fortune 500 Companies by over 750,000 employees. The first genetics test using this methodology (in 1,700 patients) for treatment prediction in depression is currently being completed for potential use in clinical practice. He has published over 300 scientific papers and three books.

All Sessions by Evian Gordon, MD, PhD

Behavioral and Mental Health Track Tuesday May 24, 2022
11:25 am - 12:10 pm

The Role of Collaborative Care in Treating Depression

  • Discover why a collaborative care approach to treating behavioral health concerns with comorbidities improves treatment outcomes and makes strong business sense
  • Learn how to adapt collaborative care protocols across practice settings, build the necessary infrastructure, and secure insurance reimbursement
  • Explore recent case studies on how Kerna is integrating collaborative care across its patient and provider network
Moderator: Evian Gordon