Lee Lewis

Lee Lewis

Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager, Medical Solutions
Health Transformation Alliance

Lee has advised healthcare strategy at Fortune 10 employers, insurance companies and administrators, medical associations and the Departments of Justice and Labor. He incubated and helped form two dozen health-benefit startup companies and is advancing the mission of the HTA to save lives and save billions of dollars.

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Thinc Main Agenda Sunday May 22, 2022
3:50 pm - 4:35 pm

Getting What We Pay For – Healthcare Affordability, Access, and Equity

  • Empowering employers to confront the twin problems of poor quality and health inequity
  • Policy implications for addressing lack of transparency, consolidation, and misaligned incentives
  • Prioritizing patient safety and quality to enhance the overall experience and heighten outcomes improvement
  • Equipping purchasers and consumers with tools and resources to make informed decisions and choose high-value care
Moderator: Michael Thompson