Mary Hilker

Mary Hilker

Director of Benefits

Mary is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a BBA emphasis in Human Resources. Mary has spent most of her career as a one person HR professional with Printron, a mid-size manufacturing company in Neenah, Wisconsin. She also serves as a member of the UW-Oshkosh HR Advisory Board and member of HR and Benefit Roundtables.

A few of Mary’s area of responsibility include recruiting, policy development, employee relations and culture, compensation, and benefit development and administration. Mary has facilitated a variety of cost containment strategies in partnership with benefit vendors to provide employees and their families quality benefits at a competitive cost.

All Sessions by Mary Hilker

Thinc Main Agenda Tuesday AM May 24, 2022
10:35 am - 11:20 am

Market Insight: How We – Hospital Systems and TPAs – Have Accidently Trained Consumers to Ignore Us and How We Can Fix It

Complexity = Confusion + Cost + Consumer Disengagement. Patients/consumers are often hit with a blizzard of mail (and texts and calls) about money (EOBs, bills, this-is-not-a-bill, etc.), and much of it does not make sense. Ultimately, they ignore any type of communication which results in disengaged consumers who do not get the care they need or stick to a course of treatment. Additionally, a plethora of point solutions each try to optimize for a particular slice of the problem, but overall, this just adds more complexity and further degrades the system. How do we fix these problems?

Engaging consumers requires us to simplify the system for ALL consumers. In this session,

  • Review data, trends, and real case studies to reveal opportunities for providers, TPAs, employers, and patients to improve the customer/patient engagement experience
  • Explore innovative approaches to transform care access, strengthen transparency, and optimize payments
  • Discuss strategies to create cost savings for all