Mike Davis

Mike Davis

President and Chief Operating Officer
Dominion National

Mike Davis is a founder of Dominion National and has overall responsibility for the company. Davis has nearly 30 years of experience in dental benefits and had served in various executive positions with MIDA Dental Plans, a successful DHMO in the Mid-Atlantic region, prior to establishing Dominion.

Davis has been instrumental in driving the innovation of Dominion’s systems, services and plans since its inception in 1996. Most recently he has led the company’s pursuit into teledentistry to improve outcomes, member satisfaction and experience.

Under Davis’ leadership, Dominion has grown to serve over 900,000 members, offer access to over 350,000 national dentist listings and employ a staff of over 200. Dominion’s expansion offering benefits to commercial groups, individuals and health plans resulted in the company’s 2016 re-brand to Dominion National.

Davis helped Dominion become one of the first dental benefits providers in its region to introduce interactive, online benefit administration and other groundbreaking models and technologies to improve the client experience. Over the past decade, Dominion also became known for its innovative online dental programs for individuals and associations.

Davis participates on several boards, including Dominion National and a regional DSO.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Radford University.

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Thinc Main Agenda Tuesday AM May 24, 2022
10:35 am - 11:25 am

Market Insight: How Teledentistry Can Improve Access to Oral Healthcare and Drive Member Engagement and Satisfaction

Teledentistry, previously considered a trending niche innovation in dental care, has now become a critical delivery model for dental carriers, dentists, and patients. Mobile applications that enable teledentistry services can help amplify your patient outreach and engagement efforts to drive better health habits and patient loyalty.

Learn about solutions that increase access to dental care, reduce the fear factor, improve patient satisfaction and retention, and reduce costs for all participants.

  • Gain insight into the rise of teledentistry – how and why it’s become a popular care model
  • Examine opportunities to improve the work stream – Use teledentistry as an opportunity for members to engage with dentists, get second opinions, and maximize each in-person dental visit
  • Discover the value of preventive dental care and how offering dental can yield positive results for health plans
  • Understand the importance of influencing and inspiring members to seek preventive dental care through various communications platforms