Sarah Biggs

Sarah Biggs

Senior Network Director, HR Initiatives
St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN)

Sarah Biggs is the Senior Network Director, HR Initiatives at St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) providing administrative leadership and operational oversight to the SLUHN Employee Health Plan. She is responsible for managing plan performance for approximately 28,000 covered lives ranging from financial performance, utilization and ensuring provider network adequacy. She is also responsible for partnering with clinical colleagues on medical management initiatives with a goal of providing optimal care to the plan’s covered members.

Prior to Sarah’s current role, she was an Executive Director at St. Luke’s Care Network. Through partnership with the SLUHN Employee Health Plan, Sarah was responsible for initiatives focused on internalizing certain health plan functions. She was also responsible to leading a team to evaluate, develop and deploy a direct to employer strategy for SLUHN.

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Thinc Main Agenda Monday AM May 23, 2022
10:35 am - 11:20 am

Market Insight: PBM 2.0: Taming the Prescription Drug Beast and Driving a Paradigm Shift with Alignment and Technology

The status quo PBM financial model and legacy technology platforms are failing the healthcare system and are in direct conflict with future state Value-Based Contracting models. New technology has entered the PBM ecosystem changing how members are serviced, drugs are priced and taming the runaway train of prescription drug costs.

Ecosystem stakeholders detail their experience with this next-generation PBM platform and financial framework that has created unprecedented alignment, value, and member experience while also providing prescription drug predictability and pricing equity.

Learn how new technology connects every aspect of the pharmacy ecosystem in one platform, enabling patient engagement and increasing efficiency to achieve the highest standards of clinical care. This panel will bring together healthcare stakeholders to provide the employer, payer, and provider perspectives on:

  • The impetus for building the only commercially available single ledger NADAC based PBM model and discussing the importance of alignment in drug pricing for patients, payers, and providers
  • How the newest PBM platform produces administrative efficiency while optimizing cost, member experience, and equity
  • How this next-generation PBM model provides employers what they really want around predictability in prescription drug spend and it is critical to future value-based contracts as our healthcare system evolves into outcomes-based contracting