Trey Hinson

Trey Hinson

Chief Operating Officer

Trey Hinson is a customer-focused and results-driven marketing strategy executive who works daily with the most innovative and brightest minds in the healthcare space. Trey believes the "Why" is the most important part of marketing and helps his partners dig through the endless universe of features and functions often highlighted in marketing.

Working in a variety of senior leadership roles, Trey has served as Ocozzio's Chief Operating Officer for the past 4 years. Originally learning the ins and outs of healthcare from one of the nation’s largest healthcare payers, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Trey joined Ocozzio 8 years ago and shifted his focus to self-funded companies. Working with over 2,500 brokers and more than 80 payers over the years, Trey has 21 years of real-world healthcare benefits knowledge that he uses to help bolster his clients go to market strategies.

Trey and his wife reside in Lexington, South Carolina and have two children. He received his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina and his MBA from Webster University.

All Sessions by Trey Hinson

Self-Insurance Strategies Track Wednesday May 25, 2022
10:05 am - 10:50 am

Creating the Communication Bridge: Marketing Strategies That Drive Engagement, Partnership and Revenue Growth for Payers, Brokers, And Employers

  • Explore ways to drive engagement and make your value proposition impossible to misunderstand
  • Examine the factors that go into successful marketing techniques to close the communication gap between Payers, Brokers, and Employers
  • Learn the messaging and medium preferences of the demographics within these target audiences
  • Leverage the experience of two guys who live and breathe communications techniques in the employee benefits space everyday