Zach Swenson

Zach Swenson

Vice President, Business Development

Zach Swenson is the Vice President of Business Development at Ocozzio, a Revenue Improvement Company, and is a natural born "front-man". Zach brings 12 years of healthcare experience and multiple perspectives to the healthcare marketing firm from his years in the employee benefits marketing space, the direct patient care space and being a traveling rock and roll musician. What's the common factor in all three? The need to craft engaging and entertaining stories. Zach spends his days leading the business efforts of Ocozzio. His nights and weekends are devoted to his wife and four young children.

Zach has a proven track record in sales and over the past 5 years has helped Ocozzio grow by over 500%. He has helped his client's companies in the Self-Funded Healthcare Benefits space reach their target audience and grow their revenue by creating and executing strategic marketing plans that capitalize on real business opportunities and emerging markets specific to their companies.

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Self-Insurance Strategies Track Wednesday May 25, 2022
10:05 am - 10:50 am

Creating the Communication Bridge: Marketing Strategies That Drive Engagement, Partnership and Revenue Growth for Payers, Brokers, And Employers

  • Explore ways to drive engagement and make your value proposition impossible to misunderstand
  • Examine the factors that go into successful marketing techniques to close the communication gap between Payers, Brokers, and Employers
  • Learn the messaging and medium preferences of the demographics within these target audiences
  • Leverage the experience of two guys who live and breathe communications techniques in the employee benefits space everyday