The Healthcare Innovation Congress | May 2025

thINc360 – The Healthcare Innovation Congress
May 29-31, 2024 | Washington, DC

2024 Sponsors & Partners

Gold Sponsors

Ochsner Connected Health
Ochsner Connected Health is applying technology and data to create customized, patient-centered Digital Medicine solutions for chronic condition management. We’ve pioneered a true clinical model that includes medication management by licensed clinicians. We’re enabling members to improve their health and patient experience, while improving employer population and reducing costs.

Silver Sponsors

bitewell is on a mission to improve the world's health through food. That’s why bitewell created the world's first digital food farmacy, an online store that provides personalized food recommendations that support its members’ health condition(s) and goal(s). Supporting over 30 different health conditions, the digital food farmacy is like having a food expert in your pocket helping you choose what to eat based on what’s good for your body. Powered by technology and dietitians, the digital food farmacy makes the healthy choice the easy choice for businesses, providers, and people.
Calm is on a mission to support everyone on every step of their mental health journey. With the #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation as well as a growing library of digital, evidence-based mental health programs, Calm offers trusted support for organizations and individuals alike. Our flagship consumer app provides personalized content and activities – featuring a range of experts and beloved celebrity voices – to help users manage stress, improve sleep, and feel more present. Our customizable solutions for workplaces and healthcare infuse our engaging consumer approach with clinical methods and HIPAA-compliant resources to drive positive health and business outcomes. Named a TIME100 Most Influential Company, Calm supports more than 150 million people and 3,500 organizations across seven languages and 190 countries. To learn more, visit
CAQH is a leading organization focused on aligning the healthcare ecosystem around essential solutions, creating a more connected and less costly experience for all. For more than 20 years, CAQH has partnered with millions of providers, thousands of health plans, state Medicaid agencies, and leading healthcare stakeholders who leverage the organization’s solutions, operating rules, and insights to connect and exchange data every day as a part of the business of healthcare. Learn more at
In the US, Deloitte LLP and Deloitte USA LLP are member firms of DTTL. The subsidiaries of Deloitte LLP provide industry-leading audit & assurance, consulting, tax, and risk and financial advisory services to many of the world's most admired brands, including more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 6,000 private and middle market companies. Our people work across more than 20 industry sectors with one purpose: to deliver measurable, lasting results. We help reinforce public trust in our capital markets, inspire clients to make their most challenging business decisions with confidence, and help lead the way toward a stronger economy and a healthy society. As part of the DTTL network of member firms, we are proud to be associated with the largest global professional services network, serving our clients in the markets that are most important to them. Clients count on Deloitte to help them transform uncertainty into possibility and rapid change into lasting progress. Our people know how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate, and create opportunity from even the unforeseen obstacle. Our dedication to leadership extends beyond our clients and the commercial marketplace to our own people and the communities in which we work and live. Our success depends on cultivating and celebrating diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and values, and we enable leadership throughout our communities through pro-bono and volunteer work that leverages our skills and experience to help others achieve their goals. Learn more:
DeLorean Artificial Intelligence
DeLorean Artificial Intelligence builds sentient and semi-sentient AI solutions to address business and economic challenges. Current services include Financial, M&A, CPG, Life Sciences, and Healthcare products. It's flagship technology, Medical AI, supports both payers and providers to improve efficiency of care, hyper-personalize care, and reduce costs.
E-Powered Benefits
A completely different kind of benefit consulting, finally. We prioritize one thing above all else -- TRANSPARENCY. In everything we do.
Kaia Health
Kaia Health makes effective musculoskeletal pain therapy accessible to people anywhere and anytime. Kaia is an at-home digital musculoskeletal pain management program that helps people self-manage symptoms and reduce costs for musculoskeletal conditions, like back and joint pain. Kaia also offers a pulmonary rehabilitation-based solution effective for pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Marsh McLennan Agency
Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA) provides business insurance, employee health & benefits, retirement & wealth, and private client insurance solutions to organizations and individuals seeking limitless possibilities. With over 10,000+ colleagues and 200 offices across the United States and Canada, MMA combines the personalized service model of a local consultant with the global resources and expertise of the world’s leading professional services firm, Marsh McLennan (NYSE: MMC). MMA generates more than $2 billion in annualized revenue, making it one of the largest brokerage operations in North America.
ModifyHealth changes lives by making food as medicine simple and sustainable. Our turnkey programs improve outcomes and cost for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and related GI issues where dietary management is a recommended treatment. Along with home-delivered meals, ModifyHealth provides dietitian coaching & support and remote patient monitoring to ensure sustained benefits. We partner with providers, payors, employers, and patients to make adopting healthier diets and lifestyles a reality.

Exhibitors Plus

CareCentrix offers value-based home solutions to payors and health systems to help more of their members access needed home care. CareCentrix coordinates complex home care needs for 16M+ members through a national network of providers. For over 25 years, CareCentrix’s focus on the whole person has improved continuity of care, reduced unnecessary readmissions, and delivered positive financial results for health plans. CareCentrix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance®.
Color’s healthcare delivery platform provides the technology, infrastructure, and logistics to distribute large-scale health initiatives. Color works with employers, unions, government agencies, and communities to provide equitable services for traditional and distributed workforces. Our model enables screening, counseling, and life-saving treatments to be utilized by more people, wherever they are.
CoventBridge Group has more than 25 years of experience in the identification, prevention and investigation of fraud, waste, and abuse for our customers across the healthcare, insurance, financial and government markets with a proven track record of implementing and managing the largest programs in the industry. CoventBridge is the partner of choice supporting: - 8 of the top 10 commercial carriers in the U.S. - 7 of the top 10 personal line carriers in the U.S. - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as the Program Integrity contractor investigating Healthcare FWA - One of the largest government agencies providing a national network of undercover investigators CoventBridge offers the following services and more via its 500+ investigators: Program Management • Audits & Assessments • Compliance Assessment • Medicare & Medicaid FWA • On-site Audits • Vendor Management Document Retrieval & Analysis • Medical Record Retrieval • Medical Record Review & Coding (RN) • Investigative Medical Record Review • Medical & Healthcare Canvassing Investigative Services • Healthcare FWA Investigations • Investigative Reports • Clinical Surveillance • Law Enforcement Referrals • Alive and Well Checks Staff Augmentation • Data Analysts • Investigators • Nurse Reviewers • RN Consultants
Similar to credit card fraud detection services, finHealth’s AI-enabled healthcare analytics solution provides timely and actionable insights to prevent erroneous payments, drive cost savings and quality improvements, while simultaneously upholding your fiduciary duties to plan members. finHealth has 500,000+ lives on the platform with 10 million claims analyzed annually. We achieve 4:1 hard dollar ROI across our book of business.
Green Imaging
Green Imaging offers direct outpatient medical imaging and other diagnostic testing to members of self-funded health plans and TPAS through our quality, easy-to-use, and affordable network in all 50 states. We are a bolt-on benefit that easily co-exists with traditional and non-traditional employee benefits.
Guardant Health
Guardant Health is a leading precision oncology company dedicated to helping conquer cancer globally through the use of our proprietary blood tests, vast data sets, and advanced analytics. We believe blood-based testing can transform cancer care by unlocking insights that will help patients at all stages of the disease. We've made great strides in early-stage and advanced cancer, and we now offer a screening test (Shield) to detect cancer early, when patient survival rates can be impacted most.
Happiest Baby
Happiest Baby helps parents and professionals keep children healthy and happy. Its responsive bassinet, SNOO Smart Sleeper, is FDA De Novo authorized for keeping babies supine. It’s constant womb-like shushing/rocking calm fussing & boost sleep. 1000’s receive a free SNOO rental through employee benefit program. 165 hospitals use SNOO to improve infant/mother care and reduce nurse labor 4-5 hours/day.
Memorial Sloan Kettering
MSK Direct is a comprehensive, national cancer benefits solution that provides over 7 million members with equitable, personalized access to the lifesaving discoveries and subspecialized expertise of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), to improve outcomes and health equity, and to lower the cost of cancer care. Solely focused on cancer, the MSK Direct solution delivers MSK's world-class expertise, guidance, and support to your workforce, wherever they are.
Sonde Health
Sonde Health is the global leader in voice-based health tracking and data insights. Sonde’s vocal biomarker API/SDK serves enterprise apps and devices by identifying or alerting people long before symptoms arise, spanning organizations in population health to consumer wellness. Leveraging a best-in-class voice data set and clinical research with over 1.2 million samples from 85,000+ individuals on four continents, Sonde uses advanced audio signal processing, speech science, and AI/machine learning to sense and analyze subtle vocal changes due to changes in a person’s physiology to provide key insights into health and well-being.
Trayt.Health powers mental and behavioral health access programs at the community, state, and federal level through technology and analytics. Our flexible, cloud-based applications support all types of collaboration—referrals, telehealth, consults—connecting the ecosystem of providers and caregivers around each patient to the behavioral health resources they so desperately need. It’s all built on a multifactorial data platform that provides the industry’s only 360-degree personalized view of the patient. Our early results are astounding: In some communities, we’ve seen a 74% reduction in reported rates of depression.
US HealthCare
US HealthCenter's proprietary PredictiMed™ AI PHM program is Validated by Intel/GE Care Innovations to identify and lower the predisease risk, financial risk burden, ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93%. USHC has built several self-funded health plans based on this success of PHM since 2003.


Benefit Allocation Systems, LLC
BAS is the trusted provider of agile, cloud-based HR and benefits administration solutions for organizations of all sizes. Experts at solving even the most complex problems, BAS ensures success throughout the entire benefits lifecycle, from hire to retire. BAS customers can experience a 200% or greater return on their investment through enhanced operational efficiencies and greater data accuracy driven by MyEnroll360.
GBR Medical distributes high quality medical products that are safe and meet all applicable global regulations, and satisfy our customers.
Meru Health
Meru offers a new approach to mental health. Holistic: We lean into established science of the mind-body connection. Faster: Therapist availability within days. Clinical improvements within weeks. Better: Clinically demonstrating 40% more effective than traditional therapy. Proven: Backed by a robust and growing set of studies and published research.
Pivot Health Technologies
Take a different, modern approach to well-being Pivot helps members build the intrinsic motivation they need to make sustainable changes using innovative evidence-based solutions. By redefining holistic employee well-being, Pivot moves beyond traditional wellness programs and instead fully addresses all aspects of health and the increased costs that come with tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and stress. Gain a happier, healthier population with the help of Pivot.
Quizzify delivers engaging, educational content developed and reviewed by industry professionals, and gives managers admin tools to customize quizzes and effectively measure employees' learning.
VIVIO description: VIVIO is a Public Benefit Corporation that offers a common-sense alternative to the broken PBM model that leads to lower costs for our employer customers and better health outcomes for the members we serve. Our Core Principles are: • Does it work? Before worrying about how much a drug costs, we should ask if the drug works. • Pay for outcomes If generic Ibuprofen was $1, we wouldn’t pay $100 for Advil, to receive a $25 rebate. We should view pharmacy benefits the same way. • Open Market Patients and Plans should have access to the lowest costs available in the market, from any pharmacy. • No Conflicts Your pharmacy partners shouldn’t profit from the sale of drugs or retain any portion of a pharmacy transaction. • Data Ownership You should own your data without restriction.
The Executive MBA and MS in Healthcare Leadership at Cornell University
The Cornell Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership Program is a dual-degree program, with classes held on alternate weekends on the Cornell Tech campus in New York City. The Program is a collaboration between the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences and equips healthcare professionals with knowledge and experience to facilitate change and innovation both inside their organizations and in the industry at large. Students will earn two ivy league degrees in 22 months: a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science from Cornell University.

Supporting and Collaborative Sponsors

4C Digital Health
4C was formed by respected leaders and experts in healthcare, benefits, technology, and government to focus on addressing an ineffective healthcare payment ecosystem. Providing actionable solutions for self-funded plans, 4C offers independent oversight of healthcare expenditures using powerful analytical tools that employers need to gain control of their plans. 4C Digital Health consistently delivers industry-defining technology and world-class service in our quest to empower our clients.
Ayble Health
Ayble Health is an all-in-one digital platform for gut health, the #4 driver of employer healthcare costs. Unlike competitors that treat gut conditions alone, Ayble combines nutrition and psychology to treat the whole patient, with 14 clinical publications proving its evidence-based approach. Ayble is the first and only gastroenterology company independently evaluated by the Validation Institute. Ayble’s program is 2x more effective than in-person or virtual dietetics and drives 30-40% better adherence to recommendations.
BevCap Management
BevCap Management is a program manager with a focus in alternative risk for business professionals. Our risk management practices translate to transparence, control and savings in all aspects of your business; Commercial Auto, Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Employee Benefits and more. We are a multi-line program manager committed to evaluating the total cost of risk and developing a program specific to the needs of our clients. Ongoing risk management implementation of best practices are a few evolving fundamentals to ensure a sustainable and successful long-term program.
Capital Rx
Capital Rx is a healthcare technology company reimagining pharmacy benefits to change the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are serviced in America. The company is executing its mission through a Single-Ledger model, the first ethical framework for drug pricing that allows for price transparency. Capital Rx has also developed the industry’s first cloud-native enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI®, which connects every aspect of the pharmacy ecosystem in one platform, and delivers exceptional service to clients and members 24/7, 365 days a year via an award-winning call center.
CareQuest Institute for Oral Health®
CareQuest Institute for Oral Health® is a national nonprofit championing a more equitable future where every person can reach their full potential through excellent health. CareQuest Institute does this through their work in philanthropy, analytics and data insights, health transformation, policy and advocacy, and education as well as their leadership in dental benefits and innovation advancements. CareQuest Institute collaborates with thought leaders, health care providers, patients, and local, state, and federal stakeholders, to accelerate oral health care transformation and create a system designed for everyone.
Caresyntax is making surgery safer and smarter with AI-powered technology. Our vendor-neutral, enterprise-grade platform leverages advanced AI to analyze data to provide actionable insights. These data-driven insights enhance efficiency and innovation for surgical teams, hospital administrators, and medtech developers. Operating globally Caresyntax impacts over 3,000 ORs and supports more than three million procedures annually.
Fiduciary In A Box
Built by industry experts, Fiduciary In A Box ensures fiduciary excellence through a user-friendly compliance process, automated document management, and more.
The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
As the leading voice for functional medicine for 30+ years, The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) advances the transformation of healthcare for patients and practitioners worldwide. IFM supports the confident and competent practice of functional medicine through high-quality education and certification programs, partnerships, and advocating on behalf of clinicians and patients around the globe.
Medacta is specialized in the design, production, and distribution of innovative orthopedic products and surgical techniques, supporting surgeons with comprehensive and tailored programs of medical education. Medacta is committed to improving the care and well-being of patients focusing on healthcare sustainability. Medacta’s innovation, forged by close collaboration with expert surgeons, began with minimally invasive techniques and has evolved into personalized solutions for every patient.
rule of three®
rule of three® provides strategic advisory services to healthcare providers, health plans, employers, and advocacy organizations. With decades of experience, we bring a flexible and thoughtful approach, with each project tailored to meet the distinct needs of the organizations we serve.
ViMedicus ViCare®
The ViMedicus ViCare® behavioral health solution enables employees and dependents of self-insured businesses, government agencies, and schools to modify their lifestyles to control serious anxiety, depression, stress, and multiple chronic conditions. ViMedicus delivers 500+% return on investment and its vitality outcomes measurement tool, the ViScore™, has been validated by the Validation Institute.

Education Partner

Marketing Partners


Baron Rides
Baron Rides is a transportation service offering rides to people who reside in the same neighborhoods and travel to the same places. Think of Uber and bus rides as a mashup but with increased safety measures and affordability. People can sign up on the mobile application as drivers and riders. Drivers get compensated, and riders pay either a monthly or daily fee.
Best Buy Health
Best Buy Health aims to enable care at home for everyone. Serving over one million people today, Best Buy Health support our customers with technology for their health journeys across the arc of their lives by focusing on three pillars: wellness at home, aging at home and care at home. Services include an extensive offering of consumer health and wellness products at Best Buy stores and, independent living and emergency services for the aging population from Lively, and care-at-home programs from Current Health.
Cancer Expert Now
A cancer diagnosis is a complicated and confusing time for individuals and their families. Cancer Expert Now applies data insights and the expertise of leading oncologists to provide the best possible member experience, improve outcomes and reduce waste.
Folio3 Digital Health
We are part of Folio3’s human healthcare arm, the Digital Health division. Where we help health tech startups, entrepreneurs, and healthcare businesses automate workflows, build scalable and patient-centric applications and software, and simplify interoperability coupled with HIPAA compliance at its core to comply with regulatory standards. Our services and solutions expand into AI/ML in healthcare, HL7 integration, FHIR integration, EHR/EMR integration, medical device integration, software development for medical devices, custom telehealth app development, and custom mHealth app development, including fitness apps, wearable apps, and mental health apps.
Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare
Pioneering the travel-for-treatment healthcare landscape, NASH offers specialty pharmacy solutions and access to premier medical care beyond U.S. borders. We redefine healthcare delivery, pairing cost-effectiveness with top-tier medical expertise, catering to individuals, employers, and healthcare facilitators in search of superior yet affordable treatment options.
Quantum Techology
Quantum technology was founded by a team of ambitious healthcare professionals and technology experts who saw an opportunity to make a difference in the medical industry with their innovative solution for LED photodynamic therapy. The company’s founders recognized a gap in the market for advanced and effective LED photodynamic therapy equipment and believed they could create a better solution that would help improve patient outcomes. They saw an opportunity to leverage their expertise in photonics and medical technology to bring a new and innovative approach Aligned Technology is a leading brand in the FDA cleared medical device industry, providing medically, non-invasive approved solutions for chronic pain, inflammation and various skin conditions.

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